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Free Range Chicken


Meat and Bones: 80% Fruit and Veggies: 20% Grain and Gluten: 0%

Our source of protein is real meat from human-grade free range chicken. Chicken protein is of exceptional quality, is highly digestible and supplies all the essential amino acids dogs need for a healthy life.

In addition, chicken is free of hydatid tapeworms. Our chicken is collected directly from the farm and certified free of growth hormones, growth stimulants and routine antibiotics.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein
11% (min)

Crude Fibre
0.35% (max)

Wet Matter Basis
76% (max)

Crude Fat
7.5% (min)

Crude Ash
3.5% (max)

Our premix

The Raw Gold Premix, added to our raw food, has been designed by an Animal Nutritionist to take care of any potential nutrient deficiencies. Its inclusion in Raw Gold ensures the health and well-being of our dogs. The following is a list of the vitamins and elements that we include in our Premix:

Vitamin A Vitamin B12 Iodine
Vitamin D3 Vitamin C Selenium
Vitamin E Taurine
Folic Acid Choline
Niacin Iron
Vitamin B1 Copper
Vitamin B2 Zinc
Vitamin B6 Manganese

Our Chicken Products

Free Range Chicken Necks

Free range chicken Necks

– AVAILABLE IN 1KG PACKS Chicken necks contain the perfect ratio of calcium to phosphorus, which makes…

Free Range Chicken Thigh Bones

Free range chicken thigh bones

– AVAILABLE IN 1KG PACKS Chicken bones are rich in natural glucosamine and chondroitin, calcium, iron…

Free Range Chicken Thigh Trimmings

Free range chicken thigh trimmings

– AVAILABLE IN 1KG PACKS Chicken thigh trimmings are pure thigh meat, skin and fat and are…

Free Range Chicken Chunks


– AVAILABLE IN 1KG PACKS Chicken Chunks are very high in natural glucosamine and chondroitin and are…

Free Range Chicken Hearts

Free range chicken hearts

– AVAILABLE IN 1KG PACKS Chicken hearts are a lean protein and contain essential fatty acids, vitamin A, iron…

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