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I have been feeding my dogs a 'raw diet' for a few years and in January switched to Raw Gold. My male suffers with a skin allergy and my female with bad breath. Both allergy and bad breath have improved substantially. Their coats are healthy and shiny and there is...

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My Boerboel was struggling with bone problems and immune system issues for such a long time, since I started to mix Raw Gold extra foods with my dogs’ pellets, both my dogs are so much healthier and looks beautiful, lost some weight in a good way and they look so much happier. Would recommend Raw Gold anytime! Especially the good service and advice from Julie in George, you are a super star!
Raw Gold the way to go!!!

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Raw Gold really saved the lives of my two kittens. After weeks of diarrhoea, two separate vets could not get them better. The most expensive cat food was given, loads of medication, but nothing could stop the diarrhoea.  Then one of the vets suggested we try Raw Gold.  The kittens IMMEDIATELY started improving! They could not get enough of the food and are now healthy, happy, and as shiny as can be!

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My Mothers Day lunch turned into a Raw Gold promotion event as we were at an outside venue with our  Weims.  They attracted so many people all commenting on how great they looked, and our go-to answers were Raw Gold. Our Weims love Raw Gold and all the attention from strangers 😍, we, on the other hand, had to learn to be content eating cold food when we are out with our Weims.

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She exudes vitality. Her fur is incredibly soft, and she no longer has bad breath, upset stomach, or difficulty going for a number two. Additionally, the droppings are quickly dry out, making cleanup easy. They are also no unpleasant smell. Her sister no longer experiences joint problems and plays like a one-year-old. They both appear to be extremely healthy dogs and have shed some of their body weight.

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