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The journey of Fudgie and Lilly-Bel on Raw Gold

Our six-year-old short-legged, short-hair Jack Russel Fudgie became ill once more, requiring what seemed like a hundred trips to the veterinarian, as well as a plethora of tests and scans. They first thought she was suffering epileptic fits, so they gave her medicine. Nothing changed. They then believed it to be their heart. They gave us extra medicine. Nothing has changed. Then they gave her more medication, believing she had suffered a stroke. And surprise! There has been no progress.

We changed the food from one expensive dried food to the next, which came at an approximate monthly cost of about R2,500(seemingly the greatest available) and still nothing. The weight of our two babies is a constant source of complaint for the vet. We had to visit the vet once more with Fudgie as the symptoms grew worse. Our baby’s eyes are filled with misery, and her body is tense and in agony.

We were told that since they are unable to identify the cause of the issue, they are unsure of what is wrong. All we can do is control her discomfort, we were informed, and she will be dependent on all the aforementioned medications for the remainder of her life.

Meanwhile, we began experiencing issues with our other fur child Lilly -Bel’s hind legs and mobility, also a five-year-old Jack Russell.

We were referred to an alternative vet by a person at a pet store in George as a final resort. Re-testing certain tests revealed that our baby is allergic to 99% of the components in wet food, treats, and dried dog food.

The new vet referred us to Julie at Raw Gold, the distributor in George Garden, Route. We scheduled a time to see her. It was from this that we discovered Raw Gold.

What a delightful encounter. Julie offered us feeding tips and the rundown on everything we needed to know, taking her time to go over every detail. When we came home, we threw out every last bit of dog food, treat, and snack we had. Switched to Raw Gold without hesitation. They immediately took to their new foods and treats. Weighing the food requires a little more work, but the benefits are well worth the time invested.

They look forward to breakfast, dinner, or even just a snack since they enjoy the food so much. Food always has a fresh appearance and aroma. Julie is always reachable by phone and frequently leaves messages to inquire about how things are doing. Julie is very knowledgeable about the products. a cheerful, modest individual who always goes above and beyond.

Allow me to share with you the profound impact Raw Gold dog food has had on our children’s lives.

No more drugs for all the illnesses they attempted to treat our child with.

She exudes vitality. Her fur is incredibly soft, and she no longer has bad breath, upset stomach, or difficulty going for a number two. Additionally, the droppings are quickly dry out, making cleanup easy. They are also no unpleasant smell. Her sister no longer experiences joint problems and plays like a one-year-old. They both appear to be extremely healthy dogs and have shed some of their body weight.

Julie, I appreciate all of your help and patience. And I want to thank Raw Gold for providing such high-quality meals.

Guys, keep up the fantastic job. The most important adjustment we have ever made to our girls’ lives is switching to Raw Gold

Thank you, Julie and Raw Gold, from Fudgie, Lilly- Bel Coleen and Family