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Where to start?

We got more than what we bargained for with Raw Gold.

Our Weims learned to tell time.  They know when it is 8am and 6pm 😂🤣.

They developed the most creative bullying skills for when we do not feed them promptly.  They absolutely love their food.  We had to buy slow feeders to make sure they took a bit longer to eat.  Both our Weims lost weight, and their coats are super soft and shiny.

My Mothers Day lunch turned into a Raw Gold promotion event as we were at an outside venue with our  Weims.  They attracted so many people all commenting on how great they looked, and our go-to answers were Raw Gold. Our Weims love Raw Gold and all the attention from strangers 😍, we, on the other hand, had to learn to be content eating cold food when we are out with our Weims.

Thank you for a great product, our Weims are loving every meal.