Brenda Lockyear

Dolphin Coast, Shaka’s Rock, Umhlanga, Durban North, Durban, Westville, Queensburgh, Pinetown, Hillcrest and surrounds

I have been in the “doggy world” for a few years as I help my mom-in-law who owns kennels, does training and dog behaviour.  It is very interesting to see how food and behaviour are related.  When I was a child I remember our one dog having thick scratch pads on her skin from where she was constantly scratching.  She would always steel veggies out of the vegetable rack (she loved carrots) and looking back it was natures/her way of telling us to go with natural healthy food.

I have seen the benefits of raw with dogs with skin issues, weight and hip issues etc and how they have made huge improvements being on the raw food, which is very rewarding.  They also seem to have a lot more energy on the natural diet.  I am waiting for my Boxer puppy to arrive in the next few months and it will definitely be eating raw food.