Julie van Heerden

George, Wilderness, Mossel Bay, Oudtshoorn, Vleesbaai etc.

I am a lifestyle and nutrition consultant for a medical practice in Cape Town, I am based in the lovely town of George on the Garden Route.

Being a proud Mom of 3 Boxers, 4 Cats and 3 Parrots, I firmly believe that feeding refined carbs and highly processed foods of the poorest quality are, like with us humans, the cause of many grave and chronic illness. I have seen drastic and lifesaving change come about when implementing a diet and lifestyle change – for both animals and humans. 90% of all chronic illness in humans can be treated with correct diet and lifestyle, it is the same and even more so, for dogs…

I always saw raw feeding as quite intimidating because of all the science going into it, and of course the effort. With Raw Gold, the research and work has been done for you, it is a complete food with excellent quality ingredients from traceable sources, all you have to do, is defrost and bring to room temperature!

After one of my Boxer puppies suffered from severe gastric upset for 2+ months that impaired her growth and warped her posture, we transitioned her to Raw Gold Rabbit from kibble, the relief was instantaneous. Her gastric upset (had between 12 and 19 loose stools a DAY!) cleared up within 2 days on Rabbit! That is when I knew it was time to let go of kibble for good.

Dried kibble has been bugging me for the longest time, and after seeing what raw feeding can do, my mindset towards raw feeding changed completely. It is and will be, one of the best decisions I made for the health of my dogs, and I encourage each and everyone to make the change to Raw Gold.