Lize Stander

Llandudno, Hout Bay, Wynberg, Muizenberg, Kommetjie, Scarborough, Simon’s Town etc.

I have always been passionate about animals, especially dogs. I have had 6 bull terriers in my life and I loved them all passionately. But there’s always the one that captures your heart just that little bit more, and that is one of my current Bullies, Jack. Being a white Bull Terrier he unfortunately succumbed to the dreaded skin issues that his breed are prone to. The entire right side of his abdomen became a mess of deep, oozing sores. For the first 8 years of his life he was taking antibiotics and cortisone more often than not. I tried everything…natural, organic, untested. One day a friend of mine was ordering Raw Gold for her dogs and said I should give it a try. I ordered a few kg’s and both Jack and Maggie absolutely loved it. I kept feeding Raw Gold and before my eyes, within 3 weeks, Jack’s wounds began to heal, and by a couple of months later, his hair had completely grown back. That was four years ago. Jack hasn’t been on antibiotics for his skin since then. He is now the longest living Bully I have ever had (he’ll be 13 in a few months)….and I owe it to Raw Gold. I would do anything to keep my boy close to me for as long as possible, and I know that’s what Raw Gold is doing for me. I am passionate about educating the public about raw feeding and the benefits to our beloved dogs. As dog owners we need to make all the decisions on behalf of our furkids, and the decision to feed raw is a decision that every dog owner should make.