Nerina Napoli

Gordon’s Bay, Strand, Somerset West, Stellenbosch, Franschoek, Elgin, Greyton etc

I am passionate about dogs and cannot imagine life without them. Over the years I have been involved in breeding, training, wrangling dogs for film and canine hydrotherapy. I have been owned by many breeds of dogs and particularly enjoy the very intelligent ones. We currently have a rescue, 2 Standard Poodles and a Flatcoated Retriever, all of whom glow with health and enjoy a healthy natural diet of Raw Gold. I enjoy working my dogs in various disciplines and am very interested in training and animal behaviour. My Flatcoated Retriever Leia is extremely lucky to enjoy a Raw Gold sponsorship and her supreme condition has helped her achieve the show status of one of the top Gundogs in the country. I also compete in Field Trials and the obedience ring and enjoy hours of fun training my dogs.